Ok, so I’m a little biased I mean, he is my nephew, but how cute does he look! Admittedly we got to Dearnford (now called Alderford) lake in Whitchurch and he did look at my sister and me as if to say “what are we doing here with a chair, balloons and a bubble machine!”

      All was then revealed…..

      The weather stayed gorgeous for us. We had a lovely time and Logan was a dream to photograph.

      If you would like a lifestyle shoot, whether it be a themed one, such as a birthday, anniversary or just a huge family get together, please get in touch, i absolutely love my lifestyle shoots, so much fun, no time limit (although generally after an hour you’ve got LOADS of shots), no limit on how many people can attend! You can even bring the dog or in my case dogs!

      Please use the form below to make an enquiry for your own memories captured x


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