Well, what can I say about these two! Katrina and Simon are two of the nicest people I have ever met in my life, Katrina is full of fun and laughter with a real zest for life, whilst Simon is the quieter, reserved type. They are a perfect match and the love between them was apparent from the minute I met them.




      The wedding day started off with fun, laughter, bubbly and a few tears. The girls were in high spirits getting ready and the atmosphere in the Granary cottage was buzzing like mad!

      After the girls were ready and the boys had finished propping up the bar…… (pretty sure they will deny doing that) it was time for a wonderful ceremony. With the rings safely in the hands of security, the reading safely in the hands of Simons brother, Matthew, all was set.


      So the tears flowed, the laughter was loud, the reading was beautiful and I do was sealed with a kiss!

      Then the party was gatecrashed by “Gordan Ramsey” serving the drinks and canapes! Even photobombing the photographs after!


      The room was beautifully decorated by Sandhole Oak Barn staff, they really are amazing.  The food was beautiful, I was lucky enough to be seated with the guests and enjoy a 3-course meal, although how I managed to get up and continue working after a belly full I’ll never know! (Don’t let that put you off – I’m totally happy to be fed!) To finish off the singing waiters were utterly amazing! So much fun, getting the boy band going, starting the conga and finishing with the good old fashioned napkin swinging!


      Finishing the night off to party party party, there were certainly a few sore heads the next day but not one complaint! It truly was an amazing day to remember x

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